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You must have an appointment to consign
Please review policies below before bringing in your items

Consignment Agreement


Togs Responsibilities:


Prepare items for sale, accept and review items, test, price, tag, display items and

monitor store product to avoid theft and damage


Thrift items as needed to remove clutter and provide better display of current product


To be fair and objective, avoiding personal tastes and make decisions based on market demand


Price items according to what the “market will bear”, meaning what people are willing to pay while trying to get the best price for our consigners


Keep accurate records. Hold monies and pay consignors in a timely manner or upon request


Promote the store, support our community and provide excellent customer service


Your Responsibilities:


Drop off items at scheduled time made by appointment online or in person. Phone messages are not considered confirmed unless speaking to a staff member.

You are limited to a maximum of 3 LARGE TUPPERWARES (60-80L) OR EQUIVALENT PER VISIT -  NO GARBAGE BAGS!

You must wait for your returns that are declared unacceptable for sale.

Items must come in in sellable condition, washed, absolutely no rips or stains, complete, nothing broken or missing parts. Items that require batteries must be operational when they come in. NEATLY ARRANGED IN BOXES/BINS

Clothing must be RECENTLY LAUNDERED, FOLDED and in season. 

We accept Spring & Summer items from February 1st to June 30th

We accept Fall & Winter items from July 1st to January 31st 


Be respectful of staff decisions and follow up with the owners if a conflict arises


Do not bring in items that you are currently selling online. A fee may be charged for the removal of items in this case


Collect any outstanding money owed to you within 2 years from the last time that you bring items in to sell. We are not liable for amounts owed to accounts that are inactive for 2 years


An account becomes inactive if there is no activity of any kind in 2 years. It is held inactive for 1 year. Inactive accounts remain inactive for 1 year unless they are reopened or until they are deleted from the system without tracking options 

Consignment Policies

February to June we accept spring and summer items

July to January we accept fall and winter items

All items brought in to sell need to be clean, in season and in style, toys complete and in a sellable condition

We will determine the price, however your suggestions are welcome

We reserve the right to discount and donate to charity any product that does not sell within its season (3-4 months)

Most items are kept through a complete season, discounted at 3 months and kept for up to 4 months

Togs’ n Toys regrets that we cannot be responsible for loss due to theft or damage

Please make sure your bin is labeled with the correct account number and date and keep the information on your account up to date with current phone # and users.

Accounts may be closed if inactive for two years and we cannot assume liability for amounts owing

Customers receive 40% for all items sold up to $100 value

60% for items sold over $100 value and all sporting goods

70% for all items sold over $200 value


Satisfaction guaranteed: returns, credit or exchanges accepted up to 3 days after purchase with proof of purchase

Items can be put on hold in the store for up to 7 days prior to purchase 

(a deposit may be required)

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