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Raggedy Ann & Andy once stood tall facing the street honouring the playful and affordable spirit that Togs N Toys represented for our community. Logos have come and gone over the years, faces have left only to return again, and some are lost forever. We have shared many great memories within these walls.
We moved here in 2005. With our first child under two in 2007 we were eager to make Kimberley our home and brave enough to take over the responsibility of managing one of the biggest independently owned community consignment stores!
It has been a success in many ways that economics can’t understand. The investment that each of you has made to each other and the environment by buying and selling through Togs has brought tremendous value to our community. Every story shared, every memory that each item held passed onto another, unknowingly but having a positive impact for generations.
This is a difficult and complicated decision for us, but there is an opportunity for the next brave soul who is interested in keeping the community connected with positive environmental impact, new vision, and creativity.
The building has been sold. Anyone who is interested in taking over the business and who can move it to another location should contact us before May 1st, 2024, so that we have time to move the business before August. We are willing to provide support to make the transition favourable for you and the Togs and Toys community.
We are notifying customers with positive balances and our staff will be calling to update everyone's contact information so that we can reconcile accounts to send e transfers or cheques in August 2024, after we have settled the inventory. IF Togs closes we will manage payouts responsibly. Due to the complexity of the business model we ask for your patience while we manage the accounting. With over 2000 consignors it will take time but fortunately the system is computerized. Remember when we tracked everything manually and only accepted cash? You have been trusting us for a long time and can continue to. We are partners in this venture.
For now, we are business as usual and will continue to sell products at regular seasonal prices.
IF Togs closes, as of June 1st until June 29th products will be sold at 50% off. Tracking of sales will end on July 2nd and any product that has not been sold or picked up will be given away by DONATION until July 13th (if consignors want to take their stuff back it is your responsibility to come get it and sign it out). All profits from the donations will go to local charities on behalf of the Togs community.
It is our hope to find a manageable solution to keep Togs in business. It is our intent by sharing this update with you that someone will come forward with new energy and ideas.

Thank you, Julie, Thom and family.

Please do not comment through facebook if you have any questions, concerns or are interested in the business. We do not monitor inquiries through social media. Serious inquiries only can call the store and leave a message @
250 427-2512 or email directly We will respond within 48 hours.

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